Rapping Tips, Tricks and Rap Techniques


1. Clear your throat and just start freestyling (Freestyling means rapping off of the top of your head. Making up rhymes as you go along. Practice freestyling with other rappers to improve your freestyle skills.

2. Try writing rhymes and learn them by hard. All the while practicing your freestyle skills.

3. Start recording your verses with or without a track. You need to know how good you are by actually listening to yourself.

4. Begin making demos and improve your flow. Flow is all about timing and your pace, flow is very important.

5. Remember to practice freestyling all the time and keep at practice.

6. If making a song, do the beats first then try to rap over it.

7. Don't rush yourself while recording a verse, remember to calm down otherwise you'll either be offbeat or you'll mumble your words. Speak to the Microphone like it was a girls eardrums and your basically flirting with it(be smooth)

8. You'll need to find out what your style is, Yukmouth has a Nasty Monsterous voice, Method Man has a grimey cloudy voice, Snoop dogg has a Laid Back style like Richie Rich, Twista has a fast tongue twisting style, Bone thugs n Harmoney all have the Fast yet Harmonizing singin style. Find what youre most comfortable with and it'll be your gimick.

Make sure that when you rap, you are feeling your self, remember you can be the best rapper alive if you try.

Never bite lines (steal somebody else's rhymes)!

Form a crew with other MCs to learn from one another.

Once you have written your rhymes, you should improve them by counting up how many syllables are in each line, then editing them to vary your tempo. If you want a steady tempo, keep a relatively similar number of syllables in each line. Once you have this down, you should experiment with different tempos. This will improve your flow.

Keep it real. This means to rap about what's real as opposed to writing rhymes about something thats just plain not true. For example, don't say something like, you have a bazooka and a tech nine, 'cause you most likely don't.

A rhyming dictonary will definitely help.

Speak clearly when you are rapping.

Alot of people want to be like Eminem and Lil Wayne when they rap, just be your own self and rap the way that makes you(The artist) feel confortable.

If you don't keep it real or if you bite lines from others, especially famous rappers you will get dissed by a million other MCs.

Do not drop out of school to become a rapper because there's a very small chance you will make it, even if you're talented. Even if you do make it big, there will be time to rap and time to learn.

Do not steal beats there can be serious matters about this.

Dont say anything that will offend a certian type of race or group of people.

Things You'll Need

Basically you just need a pen and paper to start. But on the other hand if you are more serious about rapping, you might need to buy some equipment to record.
Rhyming dictionary. Only if you want some extra help.
Get a rap name. e.g Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter)
  and  like this.
Everybody needs to read this, great info for any artist!
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