im trying to get cheese fuck you pay me player got to eat
im high off weed blowing that loud this shit aint cheap
i get that dough i make that money i count that cash
i reinvest it i turn it over build up my stash
aint got no job but i got gwap dont ask me questions
dont steal and rob i rock the mic thats my profession
i make it happen i pull the strings i pay them bills
you hating on me im laughing at you now how that feel
im in the game you on the bench im getting cheddar
dead presidents cant fold em up cause i get skrilla
i keep it jumping my pockets swold peel off that moolah
and i dont need no day off im not ferris bueller
its overtime when it comes to mine i put in work
i to love shine these haters watching they eyes gone hurt
i stack it up i multiply increase my riches
i hit a lick i make it flip and double digits

trying to make ends meet clothes on my back shoes on my feet
trying to dodge these streets but its food out here and its just too sweet
ima chase this paper i dont give a damn what the white man say
i dont care about a hater ima take a risk gotta get this cake
been making moves been paying dues been stacking dollars
i hate to lose thats the blues why even bother
cause all i know is how to win m.o.b.
i put in for the dividends i whip it up till i get cream
rising to the top thats me get these c notes stack these gs
mind ya business and religion i dont care what you believe
put my team on we succeed fire hazard burn some trees
we up in there just like swimwear and we doing as we please
im on the grind no white lines but i got greenbacks
we on that pine fire this up it'll make u lean back
i rack it up i barely spend my pockets healthy
i had a plan i made it happen and now i'm wealthy