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Created by: Lil Dee, April 14, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
68 | | | 2811


you aint got no vocabulary reading outta dictionary
i swear to god you quoting that bitch page for page
i dont care how you rapping even though you think u snappin
you dont know the definitions of the words that you say
you're not an educated rapper idc if u in college
street knowledge self taught listen clear your cache
cause your system's acting funny overloading now its burning
my assesment you're a dummy and i'll say it to your face
you need to get another topic that noise you on is toxic
you're demeaning our people running round being gay
while these white folks profit barely line yo pockets
u working for these crackers nigger its not ok
i rather uplift my people to you that may be evil
but you don't understand cause u love the white race
and thats your perogative bitch live how you live
ima a prisoner of war man fuck this place

we aint here by invitation they enslaved a whole nation
aint shit to forgive its all about getting revenge
rape murder castrations controlled thru starvation
u can simply check history their not your friends
and there will never be justice just chaos and ruckus
you can only ask yaself will this shit ever end
well when the planet goes bananas ill be posted up in ghana
and as soon as it settles let the new world begin
but i aint falling for matriyah he aint no damn messiah
yall just a bunch of liars get ghost in the wind
got no time for smoke ands mirrors cant be any clearer
the worlds end is nearer aint no need to pretend
now you can call it anarchy down with democracy
fuck your hypocrisy you judging my skin
and ill be glad when this bitch shake a worldwide earthquake
its well overdue take one to the chin.

im tired of these rappers yappin know they aint no gun clappers
fake jewelry plastic asses bitch you aint got no cash
you gay as hell aint got no hoes stupid ass videos
you an amateur and guess what it really shows



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