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December 27, 2019
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 14, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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i had a bad dream now that im woke its still disturbing me
vivid scenes they tryin to murder me off culturally
high beams im in the middle of the road standing
chanting out loud and doing my african dance man
take me to your commander in chief I insist
hear my war cry rumble feel my black fist
to resist is futile you rebel you a terrorist
in the face of white supremacy yo ass is the scariest
not i says the lil rapper whose out to make a difference
every morning i awake ima spit it with a vengeance
insert violence in a sentence no prayer nor repentance
and i dont give a damn about no jesus see im finished
with them man made myths religion is a joke
and its the main reason crackers ruling black folk
obama ? he's a joke fuck them presidential quotes
at the end of the day its some shit them crackers wrote

Ima call it how i see it and how i see it its foul
but yall say im crying who gives a hoot like an owl
you dont adknowledge your problem aint no way to resolve em
why bother with these niggers all they do is just argue
no message in the music selling out to these crackers
youre a damn good actor you hollywood rapper
if u support white culture u support white supremacy
lets call it like it is man u sleeping with the enemy
so fuck they money thats fiat paper
with they false flag attacks i cant stand this nation
niggers running out the woodworks trying to defend
hollering about a black president let the games begin
its kinda obvious obama represent europeans
all dressed in blackface on a stage are u serious
man wake the fuck up they playing mind games
rearranging your thought process now thats lame

man they teaching yo kids some bullshit
before they even have a chance brainwashed and whipped
being submerged in a culture and mentally stripped
education from these crackers leave u dumb as a brick
the only thing they teach is how to be a lil bitch
you can make it real far just pucker them lips
kiss a lil ass u may lose some respect
but hey look at obama theres a monkey on deck
wheres yo motherfucking papers at nigger come correct
u marching on white folks time and thats that
damn how the fuck you gone explain that to your kids
all u can say is it is what it is
old neutral ass nigger where the fuck they find u at
i suggest you turn around and take yo sissy ass back
old sambo ass american all your policies are wack
and if i ever get a chance i swear to god you gone get slapped and thats a wrap



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