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Created by: Lil Dee, April 14, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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i fucked around and caught a felony all im trying to do is feed my family
they say im selling drugs i say u selling me but nobody wants to talk about slavery smh
got me back on the block again looking for the cops man i cant pretend
got me nervous as a motherfucker cant win but this the only way ima get it in felony
got a gun on my waistline fuck your parole ima take mine
the judge done told me you got one more time idgaf im crossing state lines violation

i give a damn about a patriot act these crackers got these niggers scared to fight back
they label me a terrorist how they figure that when all i do is kick the god damn facts
they done took my right to vote away applying for some shelter they discriminate
apply for a job the employer hates and its all legal crackers trying to seal yo fate
welcome to the permanent under caste fucking with them europeans u 2nd class
catch you with a loaded gun thats yo ass but yet they gun-ho like some pyschopaths

look i aint got no problem with all white people but i still generalize and say they all evil
they refuse to let go of their privilege we aint equal so transparent and i be damn if i dont see thru
placed me underneathe u with yo jim crow laws but i rise like a phoenix from the ashes i evolve
spead my wings like an eagle im lethal i spot my prey put an end to this sequel
u can put me on your checklist snap some pictures send an uncle tom house nigger quoting scriptures
but im still gone get withca as soon as i can i just gotta convince the rest of these africans



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Bro talk about dee poo this right here man is art love thebsong for real you killed it on this one .always making dope music keep these awareness tracks coming
Lil Dee
good looking out boss