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Created by: Lil Dee, April 14, 2018, in Slave Patrol
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
68 | | | 2811


all my ancestors done died in vain if they saw all this bullshit they'd be ashamed
our people praying in the name of jesus aint got no facts or no proof they just believe it
yo preacher lying politicians too you cant trust them motherfuckers cause they in cahoots
who can you trust by now its obvious somebody with some puppet strings playing us
they say its illuminati shit i call em crackers some say its gods doing i just laugh at em
if they were smart about it this is what they'd do say i dont know if god exists and thats the truth

i dont want no equality i want revenge im building up an army we gone get in
a bunch of educated armed africans attack decline of the white man
you can call it what u want but im not a racist im tired of white supremacy it needs a facelift
i dont fuck with yo media fuck yo schools we should educate our own man fuck they rules
we dont need they oppression man they stay abusing and fuck being patient im about to lose it
while everybody saying that we should get along these crackers out here violating dropping bombs

hold up wait a minute time for me to put some real knowdledge in it
have we overcome or did we cross over? are we independent? do we have some soldiers?
where our navy at? we got a submarine? do we own some land? how bout a haarp machine?
have we gotta a space program? hell no. Can u make moves with out telling white folks?
who make the laws? cause it aint the people damn show aint black folks man we aint equal
a revolution thats what we really need time to stomp white folks out and they greed.



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