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December 27, 2019
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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im looking for armor its time to suit up
they threaten me daily like i give a fuck
i'm over the edge im freefalling in space
i dont know the ledge so i prepare and I brace
these crackers keep fronting like they got it made
start samurai stuntin too sharp like a blade
these niggers keep fumbling about what we should do
south africas hunting and the the target is jews
you can call me a racist you can say what you like
but my people are dying and i think we should fight
yo opression is maddening people think its a joke
why u haarping japan look what u did to them folks
no mercy no love you always rocking the boat
the verdict is in guilty you should hang by the throat
your action your ways deserves an early grave
who the hell said that u were in charge anyways

yo time is up is u need to go back home
and leave hard working decent folks along
officer dont point ya gun at my face
that shit aint cool cracker im just marching in peace
dont start no trouble wont be none
when i leave the house im strapped with 3 guns
pull the charging handle make em pop like re-run
u aint saying shit extended clip leave u with a cleft lip
im on my job like a reporter fuck new world
wet ya back up like some water then im crossing the border
ill return for more slaughter snatching ya daughter
now that will give a nigger more leverage to barter
Ill catch u in yo sleep like jesus the thief
then we'll drag u in the streets all all bones no beef
dont gasp in in disbelief like u aint no leech
drink bleach and die slow now thats freedom of speech

electro magnetic weapons Haarp the land blaster
europeans behind closed doors creating natural disasters
lil kids cant find mommy motherfuckers is drowning
Japan is yelling for help but no one hears the sounds man
this shit is fucking retarded the world is going loco
and u can blame it on them crackers they think they the worlds po po
indonesia been attacked they haarped haiti too
if u dont give them rednecks what they want they will HAARP you
they even knocked down them buildings on 9/11
which brought them 2 steps closer to taking your guns
u losing whatEVER rights crackers say that u had
but i dont need no cavemaNz PERMISSION to cock back and blast
a black mask and a long rifle .22 cal
but i had it modified watch how it spit out these shells
no justice no peace thats the word on the streets
and aint a damn thang changing till this bullshit cease



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