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December 27, 2019
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in When We Were Kings
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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i got a bad feeling someones plotting on me
or maybe im paranoid can't get sleep
i'm haunted by these nightmares get no peace
a neverending saga seems to never cease
i need to leave these streets but the streets keep calling
i try to ignore em but they turning up the volume
1 by 1 my comrades have falling
i learned to survive by acumulating knowledge
went to college but i dropped out sick of them lies
history class i walked out look in my eyes
i'm serious black people need a revolution
round up some guns load em up start shooting
persecution for the white man no more privilege
put the power in the right hands and they gone feel it
whose the realest i expose all their evil intentions
run a background check and peep my credentials

i don't have a phd or a masters degree
but i'm far from being dumb you can ask my peeps
ima firm believer you sow what you reap
a testament to the old turn no cheeks
its an eye for an eye hot fire when i speak
when it comes to underground music im the elite
i teach over beats some say im conceited
when it comes to this rap game please believe it
who needs it i deliver like a doctor at birth
im kool moe dee i goto work
im a revolutionary rapper real gun clapper
pan african european purse snatcher
can't stand the white man lee malvo blast you
capture yo cash cow put you out of action
throwing rocks at your glass house watching it shatter
now you standing with yo ass out it gets no better

i tried to make friends with the devil aint talking bout satan
these white folks hating they got me mistaken
should i sell my soul support these racists
they come in all colors no names they faceless
always telling lies in disguise 2 faces
and we don't realize who the superior race is
we been compromised they oppress our nation
we must be blind cause they in violation
starvation of the mind have you in dark places
step into the light shine thats my recommendation
improve communication black cooperation
open your 3rd eye recieve illumination
im running out patience and its starting show
I'm a walking time bomb any minute i'll blow
black folks lets go it been time to revolt
turn your back on white culture don't need our support

aint no squares up in my team put that there on everything
we thugged out we the ones you be talking bout
everything aint what it seems we don't care bout what you think
we thugged out wrong move theres blood in your mouth.


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nice song
This put me in the mind of some Onyx or Lox, dope song