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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in When We Were Kings
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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i came into the world just the same as you
along the road we seem to lose our way though
but one day i woke up and found the truth
i'm not trying to be another status quo
I'll never pledge allegiance to america
cause thats not where i'm really from
I would like to return to my area
but I'm a man without a people and a home
i was stolen from a land called africa
which country i have no idea
europeans drained our blood like dracula
and now we respect them out of fear
i don't wanna hear no stories bout jesus
we been praying to him for 400 years
and no i'm not trying to be facetious
don't believe in everything that you hear

life is to damn short
everybody need to wake up do their part
take a stand be a man fight show some heart
stop living in the past todays a fresh start

i never met a man i really hated
but as a whole white people have a bad name
everything they touch leave desecrated
the sad thing about is they have no shame
no apology for slavery no retributions
i cant believe that came out obama's mouth
sounds like a european revolution
counteractive to the cause clean house
we need black leadership and unity
stop chasing these american dreams
come together for equal oppurtunity
cash rules everything around me cream
we could make a difference if we wanted to
the problem is i don't think we really wanna
cause look at everything we keep going through
might as well feed our kids to piranhas

they say integration is our best solution
but i dont really care what they say
its all illusion of inclusion
we spineless got no back vertebrae
when it comes white people we just bow down
no matter how much foul play
obamas a puppet counsel to the crown
no matter how black he's portrayed


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Lil Dee
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