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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in When We Were Kings
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
68 | | | 2851


im lil white baby jesus in a manger
better than a genie in a bottle ill grant your wish
assault rifle pose a clear and present danger
catch ya like the beltway sniper malvo wont miss
i keep hearing revolution but the movement is stagnant
niggers aint shooting repel like magnets
opposites attract nall yall just faggots
keep hollering black power and aint gone drag shit
you working 9 to 5 for some crackers
in some cases 12 hours a day got the nerve to yell u blacker
i can see thru that thin coat of laquer back up
trying to help u out but you running back to massa
you a house nigger bred and born a slave
you still in the system in sudan getting enslaved
when a real king come around you get afraid
challenge everything that a real nigger say

I can dig it I aint trippin microphone grippin
spit it how i see it yall niggers aint no victims
caught police in my backyard up to something iffy
ran out on his ass let the pit start sniffin
the cop start bitchin switchin up his mission
call the dog off nope u looking real suspicious
got the wrong address I said i dont care
he asked me if i knew where it was its not here
thats invasion of privacy off of my property
i be damn these motherfuckers stalking me
it look like he was out to do a robbery
till he seen he'd get that ass beat properly
smash yo whole plan break it up like a pottery
fragile like glass turn ya camp into a mockery
aint no stoppin me fuck yo monopoly
it is what it is thats the way that its gotta be



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