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December 27, 2019
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January 23, 2020
January 30, 2020
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February 17, 2020
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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you got so many people out here misleading folk god damn this shit aint funny
everybody talking bout coming up blood money they corrupt they wanna live comfy
they took a lil silent oath to betray their own they'll turn you over like jesus
so prepare my throne ima about to get stoned I aint talking bout butthead and beavis
I've been ressurected as the son of man and i aint came to forgive no sins
so when the lights go out like a horror flick guess what then we going in
an ak-47 automatic make it happen off in the distance see the skies blacken
time for some military action kicking down doors and busting up factions
you better mark your doorframe with the blood of the so called lamb
cause if i catch you bucking on the program bitch might find yourself in a jam
im confiscating all food and all water trying to resist yo ass will get slaughtered
welcome to the new world order fuck your rules yo laws yo borders.

i aint never really been a team player bitch ima leader kick it off and everybody else follows
name of the game is survival a warrior see it on my face on arrival destroy you
crossing my path yeah i got something for you no its not cordial invite player
get thrown down 3 flight of stairs cause i dont care about you or your welfare im gangster
kick in the door wave the .44 round them crackers up face down on the floor
its a rat race bitch you 1st place hoe and thats how i adknowledge whites folks
you can call me whatever you wanna but if u put put hands on me ur a goner
kurt Cobain yo ass nirvana reefer madness marijuana
welcome, to america the land of the free, and the home of the slave
i suggest you watch the hands real close everything aint what they say
i done lost my mind and its hard to find listening to all these lies
brainwashed babies crying just trying to survive enough to bring tears to your eyes

if i had 200,000 billion we'd start a nation show you how to really live
but all you wanna do is move into a white neighborhood and be on mtv cribs
i feel ya, or maybe i dont, do you, aint that how saying go
i dont give a damn about no advisors to the king you aint nothing but a house negro
posing as a freedom fighter a civil rights activist i can see thru u bitch
its all trick just smoke and mirrors these white folks making you rich
say it aint so you lying, you on they side i bet you working a 9-5
while im out in the field just trying survive you getting paid off this shit aint right
you a benedict arnold go on jump in the melting pot
but when the tempature rise and it starts to boil better claim that boy you hot
i dont wanna hear no excuse about this and that you made your bed lie in it
so when the shit hit the fan and bullets start flying just remember that you my enemy



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