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March 20, 2020
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in When We Were Kings
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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all is for one
one is for all
united we stand
divided we fall
divided we fall x2
(the bigger they come)
(the harder they fall x2)
so when them horns blow
shout down them jericho walls

the bigger they come
the harder they fall

try as you may still live today can't escape racism
trying to get paid but we underpaid i hate this system
look how we living one step from the grave or a prison
indecision our lack of vision no unity and it should be our main mission

lord forbid better hide your kids they'll end up missing
sacrificed in the name of christ brainwashed by christians
look at these minions mental slaves led astray by islam
bound by religion stuck in the 3rd dimension no ascension no wisdom

frequencies can't reach your peak you're a slave to the rhythm
speak your peace dig deep within and form your own theorem
look its the villain no i'm not with your public opinions
we are not winning, we are not one, we're not the same, we're only pretending

gonna take me a plunge roll me a lance that's street baptism
then pierce my lungs with the herbs of the earth need no prescription
got guns put clips in and i don't need your permission
escaped outside the box these original thoughts refresh and uplifting ------

forget what you say action speaks louder than words anyday
or better yet watch what you say action take place on these streets you catch 2 in the face
self hate is the reason you fake snake in the grass and you just cant relate
so you just violate take and you take till someone comes and put you in your place

it is not a sin to take pride in men who look just like me
im pan african and i aint trying to blend better set me free
i'm not european i dont hold hands i dont kiss no cheeks
and i dont give a damn bout uncle sam or what he think not pledging allegiance

you got blood on your hands no i cant stand where you stand
no i can't go with your plans you gone get monkey wrenched caught up and jammed
trying to go against the original man melanin warrior you physically can't
you mentally challenged pineal damage brains off balanced now tell me really whose 3/5ths of a man

stop acting ignorant look in the mirror you can make a difference
you aint gotta lie to kick it everybody know them black egyptians
who built the pyramids test of time we something serious
we next in line fast and furious before it goes under like land of lemuria -----

the bigger they come the harder they fall david and goliath
the light is the sun of the world I shine and im the messiah
upon my arrival set up camp and kick this revival
revelations better read your bible judgement day everybody held liable

ima split the sky come falling down like satan's descent
its skinny bob the alien god stop hating trick
you judas snitch you'll switch over like judas did
and all i got to do is just represent it stand up in it cause im heaven sent

another day same hustle i dont know you and i don't trust you
run up on me pull muscle like jacob and god we gone tussle
welcome to the struggle we advanced we on the next level
this game of chance of song and dance the life of a rebel

for 40 days and 40 nights tempted by the devil
but i emerged victorious immortal forever
that makes me clever all aboard this is noahs vessel
the waters risings pay your tithings all for one lets stick together-----



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Outstanding lyrical content.