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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in When We Were Kings
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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if a race has no history there's no tradition
not a secret or a mystery that's mass extermination
i expose all their trickery with no hesitation
the darkness will come to light with no reservations
i don't worship no Jesus I'm Pan African
i don't care what you believe in cause that's damaging
they spreading mind diseases leave you panicking
these evil people brain dead like some mannequins
I'll never beg for power that's something you take
move aside no room for cowards watch me decimate
grow bolder by the hour as i elevate
food chain i devour watch me scrape the plate
i represent for the motherland til the day i perish
no love for that other man i will not embellish
black love black unity i will always cherish
there's nothing you can do to me I will not accept it

there's no i in team its all about we
no more you and me it's group unity
that's the way it should be one black family
all stand together in the face of tyranny

if we'd unite we'd be a force to be reckoned with
instead we fight and wonder why we can't accomplish shit
to their delight they reaping all of the benefits
this game of life will have you throwing a damn fit
if i could reach the masses i could make a difference
I'm far above average and I'll make em listen
see the world through my glass lens i got a vision
no more myths fairy tales or superstitions
if i only had one wish it would be unity
worldwide amongst the pan African community
self reliant I'm talking equal opportunity
you pledging white culture you're a fool to me
the time has come for reconstruction get involved
your child should never need for nothing do your part
better live or die for something either way its hard
cause either road you choose it gone lead to god


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Micheal Cortez
boss shit