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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in Civil Disobedience
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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The whore of babylon or babylon the great
the mother of prostitutes is not your soul mate
ask america's dad i'm sure he can relate
was in a love affair and now she yelling rape
and she don't want no justice she just want that pay
she'll settle out of court then she'll drop the case
now thats lady justice she gone slap your face
- turn a blind eye it your birthday girl get that cake
she all about that cash and always telling lies
the devil wears red always in disguise
-white heels ice cold blue eyes
she the perfect package everything you fantasized
all you gotta do is get your money straight
cause if yo ass is broke you ain't gone get no breaks
say the wrong thing she put you in your place
southern belle attitude welcome to the slave states

you just another love affair
she'll chew you up and spit you out she don't care
all is fair in love and war beware

taking risks and doing crazy things
she'll have you on the grind out here chasing dreams
everything aint always as it seems

you can make her smile here' s a demonstration
turn your back on your own kind join her nation
bow down worship subjugation
civil service 9 to 5 plantation
and when that check comes she gone get a cut
got plenty game charge it to the deficit
and all the while you thinking she gone give it up
dedicate your whole life but she don't give a fuck
no matter what you do she coming down on you
money in your pocket court system still pound on you
george zimmerman Darren Wilson stand their ground on you
smile put a round in you no indictment frown on you
lady of liberty aint nothing bout that free
she kick me to the far side and keeps passing me
stole my past from me and she did it passionately
in the name of god for money that's blasphemy

it don't matter how you paint it though
she let me hit for the betterment of white folks
she a gold digger you can quote

i remember when she called my name
made it rain gave me money destined for fame
but little did i know it was a game

and when i asked her if she had a man
she replied i sure do it is uncle sam
i should have known well i be damn


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Harsh but true.