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happy friday thank you all for the love and support god bless j-fire716
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in Slave Patrol
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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we in the age of aquarius I'm the water bearer
nefarious by nature cause we live in holy terror
shed light on the precarious who's gonna listen
sacrificing babies abortions and baptisms
excercising rights when we need an excorcism
racist school system is a pipeline to prison
can you feel it we so close fascism
persistant con-trails in the air cataclysm
we drifting its a new world order
sheeple in a flock being led to the slaughter
no morals we complacent a degenerate nation
some blame it on satan but it's mankind face it
upliftment if we gone make it
we gifted been strip down naked
rebuild and educate lead by demonstration
the world is not the same it is not that basic
we drifting.

When the rain fell down it lasted 40 days
and only 8 survived that story is amazing
we drifting for a 150 days
hard to come to terms with 7 billion graves
if you listen you can hear what they say
voices in the wind you are more than a slave
it makes a difference it is never too late
unless you kill a man can't correct that mistake
your mere existence melanin they can not relate
we are not one people they just take and they take
and every body suffers it don't matter which faith
religion is what got us here in the 1st place
whipped flesh off our backs now we branded as a race
got no solutions theres no escape
up the creek with no paddle that's fate
caught up in the current now we drifting away
we drifting.


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Otto Hargrove
Impressive lyrics.
this is hip hop
Wilbert Thanks
Opal Dobbs
profound sounds
Hell of a song to wake up to... Literally
Kevin Wines
You out here speaking to people's higher self. RESPECT/in-love/
that piano during the chorus sets it off
Very dope, verse speaks volumes and hook is hauntingly dope
The Fire Dragon
Love this👊