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July 15, 2019
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happy friday thank you all for the love and support god bless j-fire716
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August 8, 2019
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August 19, 2019
good afternoon
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August 30, 2019
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Created by: Lil Dee, April 15, 2018, in Slave Patrol
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Lil Dee
Created by: Admin
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this is rap with a purpose no watered down verses i dont rhyme about material things
and this goes deeper than the surface to hell with these churches no parables say what i mean
see i dont fuck with these serpents they culture is worthless they some homosexual murdering thieves
and everything they represent is poison all the wrong choices they infecting the air that we breathe
now it dont take no genius just open your eyes adknowledge your condition don't accept their lies
it's time to cut ties like umbilical cords our youth will not survive at the rate we going
no more assimilating fuck a pop trend i represent by example i refuse to transcend
i dont need def jam or the white man recite it till im outta breath fam cause i'll be damned

my mission my destiny Im out to redeem, my ancestors did not die in vain
while you running round here playing slavery games you dont want independence yall hollering 2 chainz
rocking skinny jeans thats as gay as it gets now yall talking bout marriage with the same sex
where the hell yall get these precepts they faulty idc these crackers need to back up off me
these house niggers salty cause im shining on massa they wanna see me locked up hog tied and capture
yall some envious bastards stay hustling backwards got the nerve hate on me cAuse i aint an ignorant rapper
spit shit that matters as far im concerned its classic your content is unenthusiastic
i'm profound, bombastic a microphone savage got money in my matress that'll backed that claim

im always in my lane but idiots keeps swerving they drunk off religion fuck a son of a virgin
i go in like a surgeon remove all cancer i eradicate the problem like they did black panthers
stop hating and plotting on people yall evil spreading man made disease via hypodermic needles
false flag attacks in the name of yall freedom keep feeding us lies but we aint trying to eat them
the odds we can beat em if we all stick together pick em off one by one leave em tarred and feathered
the storm has been weathered now its time for sunny days we gone round these vampires up back to da cave
payback now u a slave no messiah can't be saved and theres no hope for yo children they gone see an early grave
say jack u aint made meet the edge of my blade no prayer just evoke on the spirits of slaves

it aint hard to see really just open your eyes you being blind to the facts comes as no surprise
got a hidden agenda with no disguise a heart full of hate taught you how to despise
a wise man once said they always come in diguise so arm yourself with knowledge teach you how to survive
i wear the armor of god origin the nile i represent the holy trinity woman man and child
I shall live until infinity reign down on my enemies like soddom and gomorah burn the box of pandora
bow down to my divinity phallus masculinty we the true illuminati its the eye of horus
i invoke the ancient spirits michael jackson off the wall fuck these european devils and their tammany hall
i dont concur to yo protocol wish i never heard of yall, ignant than a motherfucker thinkin that u know it all


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Dafool Rapper
We can beat them if we are sticked together
Micheal Cortez
thx for putting lyrics!
Rudy Neumann
fire lyrics
Melissa Patrick
Outstanding song
Terri X
gang gang
I fux wit it
Opal Dobbs
You got a lot to say.
this song is beatin
this is hip hop.