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December 27, 2019
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January 23, 2020
January 30, 2020
Check out my first music video from the first movie I am in. "Down 4 U" by J. Asadi
February 17, 2020
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February 18, 2020
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Created by: DEF90, August 1, 2018,
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[Hook] 2x
Its all about those fast cars, staff jaws, bad broads
knives guns an fist, life funds an risk
different day same shit tryin to stay alive
cause time on the street is hard to survive

[Verse 1]

Whatcha know about, wearin yellow pages
Whatcha know about, seeing burnt neighbours
Whatcha know about, bein surrounded by strangers
Whatcha know about, gettin threatened with a stainless

From a city known, for drugs sex an crime
kids killin thugs to jump next in line
while chuggin becks lime, upset at times
cause the products all hype but the ques still miles
fiends at the entrance kinda like a trojan
an absent mind needs pokin your body need loadin
your zoned out at your local, your feelin omni potent.
till you wake up twitchin cause ur skin burns ur itchin
peeps watch u figit, man your cryin and your bitchen,
cause you havent got a job but you need another shot
more product you need lots your thinkin out the box
if you buy to glocks maybe that'll solve your probs.

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 2]

Whatcha know about, having sex for crack
Whatcha know about, being scared in your flat
Whatcha know about, tampered replicas an that
Whatcha know about, a death that comes so fast

Yea peeps a poor, but they aint joinin no peace chor
Whatchu think the piece for, makes em fuckin beef more
kids killin cornermen turnin on former friends
cause they got the mac10 call it spray n pay
thats real life GTA except that it stray
the shit jam all day and im not talkin modelin
when I say 10 shootings in 23 days
kids on the cash shit now that shit is awkward
fuck a bus to L6 these motherfuckers walk it
cause in shiel road you can fuck for 4 quid
so make that pussy forfeit mayswell you bought it
and thats just the environment that were fuckin caught in

[Hook] 2x


Dont belive me huh?
come to Liverpool City
come see for urself
ha ha
Blitz Time


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