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J- FIRE 716
happy friday thank you all for the love and support god bless j-fire716
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Created by: C-Nubia, April 12, 2018,
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I am so different..I do not fit in...Nubia!
I am spitting bars like I spit on bars. Get me out of this cell before I break these walls. My people steady speaking English but we're Afrikan. You can't tell my n#ggas they don't give a damn. I'm talking Little Bo Peep, n#gga sheep in here. I'm talking wool so think we can't see in here. My n#gga break them mental chains & open your mind. I can't relate to these n#ggas just passing time. But when I meet my King Imma hold him down & get back on the boat & cop a Burger King crown. Bitches wanna see me fall, n#ggas wanna feel my walls & producers wanna f#ck but I ain't given up no butt. These janky ass promoters got me holding my nuts. Popping p#ssy on the Ave, Holy Grail, Royal Cup. Give it to you how you need it how you want it gone be stuck. Its levels to sh#t b#tch Be Different!

Stand up Queen...stand up stand up Queen
Stand up you know who you are?
Be Different

They done f#cked around & let the alien get on this cypher. Nibiru killing these n#ggas with this ether. Food for your soul will have you strong you ain't weak girl. Open up your mind & don't be blind you need to see for what it really is you are special...Black Women...Gods In The Flesh...The Creators. & when you pop that p#ssy for them that's why they hypnotized. They know you are royalty...first of mankind. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice & this ain't no nursery ryhme so get back on that pole & please put your crown on & if they ain't throwing knowledge with them dollars then they wrong. Got damn I done f#cked around and flip this whole song. Let me get back on my ladder & climb up on my thrown & Be Different.



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Lil Dee
I'm bout to turn this shit up loud and celebrate
Aaayyyyeeeee!!! I'm so grateful for all the love fam...Can't wait for us to jump on a track together & set it on fire ߔ
Rudy Neumann
here's to being different
This my song!
Appreciate it love. I'm glad you dig it!