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by on March 6, 2019

Your life is centered around family and responsibilities. You have bills to pay, children to feed, a wifey to please and parents to make proud, but what about your responsibility to yourself? What about your ambitions? Your pursuit of fulfillment? Life has forced you to make some sacrifices, and your lifelong dream seems to be on the chopping block. Deep down you know that you will never be completely satisfied with your life if you don’t at least try to make it, but it’s no longer about you. You’re a parent now, a spouse now, a student or full time employee now, and your time and money leaves no room for “childish ambitions”. You’re one of “them” now, you have traded your passion for stability and though the most important people in your life are pleased with your growth, you’re miserable inside. What are you gonna do about it?

Listen here, it IS NOT childish to crave creativity and spontaneity in your life. It’s not a waste of time to throw on your headphones and zone out to a dope ass instrumental. You don’t need to “grow up” just because everyone else around you have conformed to the doldrums of adulthood. Don’t change who you are to please anyone unless that person you’re trying to please is yourself because you can’t make anyone genuinely happy if you’re not happy with yourself. 

Find your balance. If you only have a half hour for lunch, write that hook that’s been permeating your thoughts all morning. If you only have an hour before you have to pick up your children after work, park your car near the lake and jot out your game plan. If your significant other has been a little bitchy lately, spit some of that smooth operator shit that use to make’em putty in your hands. No matter what you do, don’t sacrifice who you are because of life’s pressures. Adjust and strategize. Next blog I will teach you some strategies that can help you reach milestones despite your busy schedule.





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