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on January 6, 2020 119 views

Don’t let this matrix get the best of you.
Tell your detractors, haters and ops---shu shu,
Yall whatchamacallits mean nothing to me, you just a thingamijjipu
And never give up, cause deep inside of you, there’s a button that you press called renew Like the story of Job, yeah the biblical
They took his materials,financials and peoples , but he stayed spiritual
And got it all back cause everything is cyclical
Sometimes you fumble, but stay on the humble
Be comfortable, being uncomfortable-Keep your eyes on the prize,the visuals--keep moving - you gotta dream to pursue
A star was born when you came through the womb
So aim for the stars and you might hit the moon
Now you in the game so say ------ hey yo, coming soon!
Keep innovating, the world is waiting for you-Make bouncing back a new ritual -The creator told you to make all things new
Cause there’s something in you, that’s indestructible!
Spirit soul- do you - let’s go!

featuring #genobrown#kswiss#kamalimani#spokenword#kamalthemotivator

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