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on April 20, 2020 98 views

This is for the "Conscious and Religious Communities"
By Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme
Instagrm @kamalsupreme
What's all this argn about?
We aint got no time for that
I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe and that's that!
Marcus Garvey said "even if you are in the same religion, "Every man is a religion unto himself".
So agree to disagree and praise your diety
Agree to disagree and praise your G-O-D
and everything will be L I F E
If there's a judgement, we'll see, but until then... let a naga be free!
argn about who came first and all that and whose black and everybody think they the 144,000 and got the actual facts
and don't invest in nothing
never buy black
don't pay child support
invest in the prison industrial complex and courts by default
you need to keep your youTube hustle on
I understand
but when we gonna fighting
and start uniting and shaking hands
unless you’re an agent!
#conscious community #khemit#Islam#hebrew#israelite#christian#rbg#neter #

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